Get Involved: Sponsor

Get Involved: Sponsor

Sponsoring a New Member

If requested to be a sponsor, assist the organization by determining if the prospective member meets the following:

  • is qualified and meets the membership requirements
  • will contribute to the chapter and/or national organization
  • will make him/herself available to answer members’ calls and other requests, such as introductions and business information request (“Call Back Agreement”)

It is easy to determine if candidates meet the membership requirements on the Qualifications page simply by looking at their resume or LinkedIn profile. Sponsors should ask candidates some open-ended questions to assess their desire to help the Association and desire to truly “Network for Success.” Here are some suggested questions to help:

  1. What volunteer role(s) would the candidate take upon accepting membership?
  2. How does this candidate network?
    1. Do they belong to other groups?
    2. Are they open to  volunteering in the organization?
    3. Are they comfortable sharing networking contacts?
    4. Can you describe your networking over the course of your career?

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