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About the ChemPharma® Professional Association

The ChemPharma® Professional Association brings high-caliber business and technical professionals from chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, life sciences, and allied industries together, to foster career and personal success through sharing information and building relationships.

We are a nation-wide association of business and technical executives  with a broad range of experiences covering all technical and professional disciplines and functions in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. 


It was October 21, 1999 when the birth of an idea to bring chemical and pharmaceutical professionals together to network for mutual success was born. What started as an idea among Jon Burgess, Paul Veneskey, and others resulted into nine people gathering at the offices of Drake Beam Morin in Parsippany, NJ. That meeting was the birth of the ChemPharma® Professional Association. Responding to the challenges in the job market, the ChemPharma® founders built an organization out of a vision of cooperation. They saw a need for chemical and pharmaceutical professionals to band together to help one another with their job searches. Networking was considered essential to career success.

What has grown out of those initial days is a nonprofit organization that continues to grow, offering networking, regularly scheduled local and national meetings, and sharing in support of career development and career transition. ChemPharma® members share job leads, industry connections, coaching, interview skills, and business advice. Opportunities for members to meet, network and exchange ideas include in-person and virtual meetings, evening socials, and leading subject matter expert speakers.

The ChemPharma® Professional Association’s goal is to develop relationships that enable its members to network for success. ChemPharma® members are committed to helping one another in their career advancement. The process of “paying it forward” and helping others often results in some of the best career opportunities. In addition to helping members find career opportunities, we help each other with business process advice and assistance.

ChemPharma® Presidents

2004 – Len Keck

2005 – Gerald DeCuollo

2006 – Eric Borgstedt

2007 – Brad Schweon

2008 – Ellen Derrico

2009 – John Irwin

2010 – Gayle Lopez

2011 – Tom Smith

2012 – Debra Sesholtz

2013 – J. Gary McDaniel

2014 – Charleen Heinke

2015 -2016 – Mike Chiappinelli

2017 – 2021 – David Abercrombie

2021 – present – Lynne Williams

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