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ChemPharma® Professional Association
Bringing experienced business and technical professionals from chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, life sciences, and allied industries together to foster career and personal success through sharing information and building relationships.
We network for success!


Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events




Alliance Partnerships

We have Alliance partnerships with other professional associations.  See our Alliances page for more details.  In most cases, our members enjoy the same event prices as our partners.  We are constantly striving to add more Alliance Partners if connecting with them would add value to our Members.

Consulting Connections

Make a connection for that next consulting opportunity!  Obtain more leads from Members and site visitors.  Members have their own public-facing Consultants directory page that they are free to edit.  Often these pages have a link to the Consultant Member's own website, but for those Members without a website, this is a key page for them.  Consultant Members can be listed in up to 5 categories, each with their own customized call to action.


Gain exposure to over 350 industry Professionals.  Participate in our Member forums to ask questions, gain ideas or referrals, and expand your high level network.  Tap into this valuable network to help you in your career.  Develop more business, gain vendors and customers, and employees.

Want more exposure?  Volunteer to lead a Chapter, or serve on one of the many Board or Chapter committees.  See the About Us menu for more information.  Anything you do to take a leadership role in ChemPharma® Professional Association significantly raises your visibility in your career and among the membership.


Social and networking events with industry contacts in your target companies.  In addition to our Day meetings as noted in the "In-Transition" section, we have evening events which tend to bring in working members.  Our biannual national dinner meetings bring in over 100 industry professionals.  So far they have mostly been in a radius around Princeton NJ since most of our member base is there.  We anticipate rotating the venue as our member grows.  

Our Evening Chapter events also draw in working Members and others in the industry.  Both kinds of events are open to the public.  There is ample time for networking before and after the dinner.


Mutual exchange of ideas, contacts and an opportunity to develop lifelong friendships. Many of our members know each other for many years and have come to rely on the for advice in many areas of their life.

In-Transition support

Networking opportunities for those in transition.  Our day meetings are best for this.  They are usually no-cost and always open to the public.  Most day meetings have career oriented speakers.  They always have a structured networking component where you will have the opportunity to introduce yourself and present your elevator pitch.  These pitches can range from 5 seconds to 2 minutes depending upon the amount of time allotted for this component.  Attendees have the chance to network with Members and others in transition.  

Naturally working members usually do not attend the day meetings.  The Member forums on the website include a job leads forum where great high level job leads are  shared. But you can also ask about companies, search for members that have experience at a particular target, or ask advice on specific approaches or targets.  Members are always willing to help other members!

Member Search

Members have the ability to search for and view any other Member's Directory listing.  These listings include a link to their LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace social networking pages, a photo, a biography as detailed as the member want's it, a vcard link to make it easy to add them to your address book, obviously their contact information both work and home and any other info they wish to share, such as prior companies, Schools and background.

Members add specific and multiple Member Selections for Education, Experience level, Functional Areas, Industries, Status, and Titles into their profile listing.  These Selections makes it easy for you to find a member using a faceted search with a particular industry, function, education, experience, status and title and including city, state, Chapter, name (first or last).  Member Search is one of our most popular functions. 


Our quarterly Newsletter, the Periodic Tablet.  Full of Association news.  Click on "News" at left.  Members often contribute relevant articles.  You will often read "Landing" notices where Members speak about how they landed their new jobs and typically, it was from their networking efforts.  Of course, this is what you would expect from an Association of networkers!


Education programs for industry and career growth.  These include the day meetings as noted in the in-Transition section and evening meetings as noted in the Event section.


The Members only area of the website has many additional benefits, some of which have been touched on in this listing.  They are:
  • Membership Directory listing - This is in the Member Profile area.  They Member controls what information they share.
  • Blogs - Members can create their own blog posts.  A Member's blog is linked from their Membership Directory page but can also be accessed through the Blog menu.
  • Documents - Members can store and retrieve various documents, such as resumes and networking profiles.  Chapters typically store meeting attendance rosters here.  Member tools such as Networking tips and guides, Marketing tools, Managing References.  and speaker presentations are often filed here.
  • Forums - Mentioned in other sections, there are a number of Forums related to jobleads, landings, networking, requests, chapters, and committees. Members can choose to participate in as many as they want and the Forums accept emails from the outside and send emails to your personal account.  But since there is a history of every forum posting, it also becomes an excellent search tool.
  • Member Search - Mentioned in another section, this is the most popular Member tool as they seek to network with members of a targeted interest.
  • Photo pages - Members may set up photo or videos of various projects or events.  A Member's photo page is linked from their Membership Directory page but can also be accessed through the Blog menu.
  • Storefront - Members may purchase Association items from this area.
  • Surveys - Members participate in various kinds of industry surveys, member surveys and elections.
  • Useful Links - Members have access to a number of consolidated links that have been selected to be of most help to our Members.
Members can request a Consultant page (as noted in the Consulting Connections section).  Once they login they can edit and maintain their personal public-facing page.

Members may view the contact information for others registered for an event.

If these benefits are desirable then click on the link below! 

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