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June, 2021

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Join Marion Spears Karr, MA, FACHE of Comhar Partners on Tuesday, June 8, 2021 from 6-8 PM for Want to Translate Experience to Influence? Mile Markers are Key!

Using the story of the amazing 100-year land dispute between the colonies of Maryland and Pennsylvania, later known as the Mason-Dixon Line, we will explore the lessons it holds for those in science and engineering today, and how tracking our mile markers positions us to translate our experience to influence greater success.

The incredible surveying feat required the most advanced technology available at the time, never seen in the colonies. Possessing an undaunted spirit, the men who led the effort inspired a large team of people, each who had a vital role in its completion over the four-year journey, to overcome incredible obstacles and challenges along the way.

This story also demonstrates the power of not working in silos, but collaboratively. Jeremiah Dixon was an accomplished surveyor from Northern England and Charles Mason a famous astronomer from England. It took an incredible attention to detail with multiple checks of calculations, directions, and fortitude. Science requires such rigor and so does leadership.

In today’s world of Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Life Sciences, and allied industries, all of which require multi-disciplinary approaches, being intentional with our team, ourselves, and those we work with across organizations, it is critical to recognize the variety of micro-achievements that must be completed for the macro-goals to be realized. Through this process we can write our accomplishments, learn from them, and plan future successes both as individuals and as a collective.
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Interviewing in 2021 is different than it ever was before. The competition is fierce, the format is digital, and great stories win out.

This workshop is all about learning to prepare for interviews and tell great stories while interviewing. You'll get specific advice and review real interview answers from real job seekers to talk about things they nailed and ways to improve. And throughout it all, we'll use movie references as metaphors. Why? Because it's fun and memorable and we're here to learn AND have a good time.

It's a fun talk that engages the audience and will make you laugh, cry (the good kind), and ace your next interview.

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