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ChemPharma® Professional Association
Bringing experienced business and technical professionals from chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, life sciences, and allied industries together to foster career and personal success through sharing information and building relationships.
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Chapters and Best Practices

Visitors and Members expect similar experiences when they visit any Chapter.  To that end we maintain Best Practices for use with Chapters to gain this "branding" experience.

For example:
  • The ChemPharma® presentation is shown at the beginning of a meeting, or handouts about the Association are provided to attendees.
  • Attendees are requested to sign in and wear name-tags so they can be identified during the networking time.
  • All first-time guest are asked to identify themselves so members can make a special effort to meet them.
  • The facilitator mentions that anyone with Profiles may place them in a designated area.
  • Call for speakers.  We are always looking for speakers!
  • Past and present BOT and BOA members are introduced at each meeting.
  • Members are identified at each meeting by asking them to raise their hands.  These and the BOT members are the people that can be potential sponsors and can help with more information about the Association.
  • The facilitator mentions other area events, and asks others that have area events to mention them.
  • We typically include a structured networking session.  Normally this is 30 seconds to 2 minutes per person.  It includes name, functional title, and an elevator pitch, usually including target companies (if in-transition), or other requests (if working).  The facilitator may need to curtail pitches if they are taking too long.
  • We usually have a speaker at the day meetings, and sometimes at the evening meetings.  See the actual agenda for the specific event.

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