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ChemPharma® Professional Association
Bringing experienced business and technical professionals from chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, life sciences, and allied industries together to foster career and personal success through sharing information and building relationships.
We network for success!


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Upcoming Events


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 Code of Conduct

The ChemPharma® Professional Association consists of individuals seeking to advance their career goals via professional networking. It is therefore expected that all members will:


  • Gladly share networking contacts with other members and offer the benefit of their professional networking experience, knowledge, and skills. Recognize that one gets out of networking what one is willing to put into it.
  • Act in good faith and adhere to the highest moral, ethical, and professional standards in interactions with members and others.
  • Recognize that developing long term and lasting professional relationships is more important than one-time encounters to solicit information.
  • Deliver on promises made to fellow members in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Respect the confidentiality and privacy of contact information secured from members and others, and be diligent and discreet in dealing with such contacts.
  • Not promote, advertise, or solicit buyers, investors, distributors, and consulting clients from members in mass.  Contact should be done through one on one networking only.
  • Comply with policies and guidelines on the CPPA web site home page, within "About Us" under "Policies".
  • Actively participate in the organization by attending meetings, participating in forums, offering job leads and other career guidance, participating on committees, volunteering for other services, and most importantly, providing networking contacts to support the betterment of all members.
  • Will avail themselves for networking and assisting other members at all times.


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