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ChemPharma® Professional Association
Bringing experienced business and technical professionals from chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, life sciences, and allied industries together to foster career and personal success through sharing information and building relationships.
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Upcoming Events



ChemPharma® Policies

This section of the website will contain guidelines for behavior for ChemPharma® Professional Association (CPPA) members when conducting the business of the organization and when interacting with other members. 

E-mail Policy 

Most ChemPharma® Professional Association members will communicate with one another directly via e-mail and/or via the broadcast e-mail capabilities of the CPPA web site to share job leads or make inquiries.  The same professional courtesies that apply in normal business communications should be exercise here:

  1. Summarize the contents of your message in the subject line. This will enable recipients to prioritize and organize their e-mail.  

  2. Keep messages brief and to the point.   Most of us receive dozens of e-mails per day.  If you want your message to get read, keep it short and sweet.   

  3. Keep messages courteous and professional. Stick to business and don’t use CPPA e-mail facilities to send jokes or funny stories.  Avoid anything that could be considered offensive or wasteful by others. Don’t send flame e-mails; rude and insulting messages will not be tolerated. Avoid using “cute” characters like smileys and always check your spelling. 
  4. Avoid putting sensitive personal or confidential information in messages. Don’t put anything in a message you wouldn’t want the world to see. 

  5.  Avoid attachments. Many users retrieve e-mail with wireless devices that cannot open attachments. 
  6. Limit the distribution (including cc’s) to those that really need to see your message. We are all busy and don’t want our in-boxes cluttered with irrelevant and spam-like messages.  Avoid using “Reply All”, particularly when responding to broadcast messages. 
  7. Include your name at the end of all messages. It isn’t always apparent from an e-mail address who the sender is.  “Sign” e-mail messages as you would any professional correspondence.  

  8. Use BCC’s to send messages to large numbers of recipients that don’t know one another.   Otherwise, every recipient will see every other recipient’s e-mail address and potentially compromise their privacy.    

Etiquette for Posting Landings 

First of all, congratulations on your recent landing to a new and exciting career position!!   As a member of ChemPharma® Professional Association, you will want to let everyone know of your new position. 

  1. Please initiate a landing announcement by creating a 'new post' filling in the following information
          -  Name 
          -  New company 
          -  New position title 
          -  New Location
          -  Company email 
          -  Company telephone 
          -  Brief description of company and outline of your new responsibilities

  2. Please update your CPPA Profile to include your new position and any other pertinent information.

  3. Please make any changes to your CPPA Preferences for receiving communications from CPPA.

Forum Policy

Click here for our complete Forum Policy.

Thank you for your continued support and congratulations again on your new position!


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