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Bringing experienced business and technical professionals from chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, life sciences, and allied industries together to foster career and personal success through sharing information and building relationships.
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March 2014



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Welcome to the Winter edition of "The Periodic Tablet", a publication that is circulated to members and friends of the ChemPharma® Professional Association (CPPA). CPPA is a nation-wide organization of business and technical executives in the chemical, life sciences, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and allied industries committed to the advancement of such industries through the exchange of information, educational programs, and personal contact fostering career and business development.


Editor’s Note:  This publication belongs to all members, so your input is welcomed.  As you achieve success through CPPA (or see others' successes), if you find new, innovative ways to do business or promote our industries, or if you have some interesting or helpful information/tips to share, please let the editor of The Periodic Tablet know at  News items will be published for the benefit of all members.  







>>> CPPA "Tidbits"    


Are you getting the most out of your CPPA Membership?


The CPPA Board of Trustees continues to work at making CPPA a valuable networking organization for its members.  We are a networking organization, so to obtain the most from your membership you need to actively participate.  How can you do this?


  • Update you Member Profile today!
  • Use the Member Forums to network with members, post and view job listings, make requests of fellow members to help you advance your career, solve industry issues you may have, or to seek advice.
  • View and post Useful Web Links to the website.
  • Are you a consultant?  Obtain and complete your Consultant profile page!


Not sure how to do any of these things?  Below are tips and instructions we’ve provided before to help you out.  You can also contact for assistance.


Networking for success takes participation.  Participate today to continue to make CPPA valuable for you and all members!






Improve Networking with CPPA Members – Update Your Member Profile Today!


Improve your networking capability with other members by updating and completing your member profile.  Not sure how to update your profile?  Watch the video!


  1. Log in as a member, go to Members Only > Using this site. 
  2. Click on the Members Profile link.
  3. Under the Member Profiles section you will see a link “Watch the Video!”. Click on this link to get video instructions for updating and editing your CPPA member profile.
  4. Use the CPPA LinkedIn site to network with members.


Don’t wait any longer.  Update your profile and improve your networking with fellow CPPA members!



CPPA Forums


The ability to participate in the Forums is one of the benefits of CPPA membership.  Share and learn about job leads, networking events, and make requests for assistance from other members.  Are you a new member?  Use the new member forum to introduce yourself to other CPPA members.


Set up your forum preferences under your Member Profile > Web Site > Forum General Preferences.  Sign up for the Forums you want to participate in under Member Profile > Web Site > Forum Membership.



Useful Links Web Page


Have you recently visited the Web site Useful Links page?  We have been adding useful links and info to this page.  If you haven’t visited recently, take a look.


Do you have some useful info to contribute, contact





ChemPharma® Professional Association members are automatically part of the CPPA LinkedIn group when they become members.  This means members are connected to every other active CPPA member and have instant access to the national association of >300 members immediately!  It is a great benefit of membership.   Existing ChemPharma LinkedIn members are encouraged to add their CPPA affiliation to their profile.


When joining LinkedIn, members create a profile that summarizes their professional accomplishments. This profile helps members find and be found by former colleagues, clients, and partners.  Individuals can add more connections by inviting trusted contacts to join LinkedIn and connect to them.  A LinkedIn network consists of direct connections, the connections' of connections, and the people these connections know, linking members to thousands of qualified professionals. 


Don’t forget to add a link from your CPPA profile to your LinkedIn profile! 



ChemPharma® Alliances


The ChemPharma® Professional Association actively seeks out and establishes alliances with other leadership organizations to expand professional and business growth and networking opportunities for our members.




To-date these alliances include:

  • Greater Philadelphia Senior Executive Group (GPSEG)
  • Commercial Development and Marketing Association (CDMA) 
  • Pharmaceutical Project Management Local Interest Group (BioPharmaPM) 
  • Chicago Section Institute of Food Technologists (CSIFT)
  • Chemical Marketing & Economics Group, a topical group of the American Chemical Society’s New York Section (CM&E)
  • Pharmaceutical Consulting Consortium International, Inc. (PCCI) of New Jersey

Our alliances enable ChemPharma members to network with alliance organizations by attending each other’s open programs at member rates.  Open programs include social and educational events, presentations, and workshops.  We invite you to take advantage of these opportunities.


Please visit the Alliances page under the “About Us” tab on the CPPA website for the latest information about ChemPharma’s Alliances. 




>>> Industry Spotlight:  Life Sciences   


Toward A Blood Test For Alzheimer's

Diagnostics: Researchers find 10 lipids in blood that predict cognitive impairment with 90% accuracy


By Lauren K. Wolf



Doctors might one day be able to predict whether a person will develop Alzheimer’s disease with a few milliliters of extracted blood, according to a small study (Nat. Med. 2014, DOI: 10.1038/nm.3466) A team of U.S. clinicians and researchers, led by Howard J. Federoff of Georgetown University Medical Center, discovered a group of 10 lipids in blood that dip below normal levels years before a person exhibits symptoms such as memory loss.

Alzheimer’s, which now afflicts about 5 million people in the U.S., has so far been impervious to drug discovery efforts. Many scientists believe that late-stage clinical trials of experimental compounds have failed because study participants had too much brain cell damage for effective treatment.

As a result, “we want to identify individuals at the earliest stages of disease and intervene then,” when therapeutics might protect brain cells, says Mark E. Mapstone, a neuropsychologist at the University of Rochester School of Medicine who helped discover the new set of lipids.

To do so, scientists need techniques for diagnosing people with Alzheimer’s before symptoms appear. Some methods are already under development, such as positron emission tomography and cerebrospinal fluid analysis. But a blood test, Mapstone points out, would be a lot simpler and less expensive.

To find biomarkers for a possible blood test, Federoff, Mapstone, and coworkers began their study with about 500 hundred human subjects. Over a five-year period, they periodically drew blood from these people. During the study, 28 subjects went from having healthy brains to exhibiting impaired memory. When the researchers screened blood samples of those patients’ with mass spectrometry and compared the results to individuals from the study group who were cognitively healthy, they uncovered the 10 predictive lipids. After establishing these biomarkers, the team’s mass spec experts analyzed fresh, unmarked blood samples from both subgroups. The researchers identified the patients who would eventually get Alzheimer’s with 90% accuracy.

“These findings are really excellent in their predictive power,” says Simon Lovestone, a psychiatrist at the University of Oxford, in England. “But it’s important to note that the study is relatively preliminary.” The results will need to be replicated by other groups with much larger patient populations, he adds. “It’s the start, not the end.”

Chemical and Engineering News

Volume 92 Issue 11 | News of The Week
Issue Date: March 17, 2014
| Web Date: March 12, 2014






>>> CPPA Membership Information    



Membership Guidelines.  Last year your Board of Trustees voted to change our by-laws with respect to membership qualifications.  The idea was to make membership available to a broader range of professionals in our industries, thereby increasing the networking opportunities and improving the membership experience.



If you are interested in joining the ChemPharma® Professional Association we encourage you to learn more about our organization and how to join by visiting:

To be eligible to be a member of ChemPharma® Professional Association (CPPA), the following new requirements apply:  






Individual Membership Criteria:

  1. Have ten or more years of experience from among the chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, life sciences, and allied industries (hereinafter designated the “Field”). 


  2. Have demonstrated career progression/advancement in business management, sales & marketing, engineering, manufacturing, academia, or research & development; or have distinguished themselves in consulting or other professional endeavors within the Field.


  3. Have developed a network of contacts within the Field and are willing to share that network with fellow members of the ChemPharma® Professional Association.


  4. Pledge to serve in some capacity within the Association (e.g. National Association Leadership Positions or Committees, Local Chapter Leadership Positions or Committees) from time to time.  Service is a requirement sometime within the first two years of membership.


  5. Are sponsored by a current member and are approved by the Membership Chair.


  6. Have paid a one-time fee as part of the membership application, along with membership dues for the first year.  Members in good standing pay annual dues in subsequent years.


  7. Have met any other criteria as deemed appropriate and approved by the Board of Trustees, and as posted on the appropriate pages on the Corporation’s website.


  8. Are willing to conduct themselves at all times in a professional manner according to the organization’s Code of Conduct (



To find a sponsoring member, you are invited to attend a local chapter meeting, introduce yourself to a member, and ask him/her to be a sponsor.  The locations and schedules of CPPA chapter meetings are posted on  To find a nearby meeting, simply visit the Web site and click on "Meeting Information".  We also have a Virtual Chapter.  If it’s not possible to attend a meeting, simply search the membership list by function or by geography to find members who have a similar background or who live nearby.  E-mail a member, attach a resume, and ask to be sponsored.  To view the membership list, please click on Functions and Profiles.  If it’s not possible to attend a meeting and a similar member profile cannot be found, please click on "Membership Questions". 


Please forward this newsletter to those who would benefit.  Thanks for reading.




Your Periodic Tablet Editor:  J. Gary McDaniel










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