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Cvetovich, Ray Ph.D.

Company: RJC Process Chemistry Consulting, LLC

Business description: API Synthesis, Process Chemistry and Development

Category: Technology

  • Process Research Chemistry and Development
  • Technical Transfers to CMOs
  •  Processing scale-up issues, problem solving, defining critical process parameters
  •  Managing CRO process research
  •  Reaction development and optimization
  •  Crystallization processes for API and critical intermediates

Specializing in process research expertise and practical technical advice in solving and avoiding problems in your API synthesis so that your process is both robust and scaleable

Process Research and Development

Designing, evaluating and managing synthetic route development to API and intermediates for long term and short term requirements, focusing on: costs, scalability, robustness, and safety.

Trouble shooting and problem solving scale-up issues

Reaction optimization and improvement (yield, productivity, reagents, time cycles, exotherm control, kinetics, by-product formation, safety)

Design of experiments (DoE) to evaluate and define operating conditions and critical process parameters (CPP’s)

Crystallization development of polymorphs, solvates, hydrates, and salts of API and critical intermediates

Chiral chemistry, resolutions, racemization/resolution, dynamic resolutions, catalytic reactions

Support of data analysis: HPLC, GC, LCMS, NMR, DSC, XRPD, TG, KF, titrations

Flow Chemistry

Technical Transfer

Writing and review of technical transfer and CMC documents, and patents

Oversight and performance review of CMO operations

Managing and review of CRO efforts for process development

Writing and coordination of CMC chemistry and analytical data

Contract Laboratory Work

Available to work within your laboratories for process development or CMC issues

Training Seminars and Lectures

Aspects of process development, critical process parameters, developing reactions and crystallizations, and solving scale-up issues

Seminars on real world process chemistry project experiences

Raymond Cvetovich
329 Fawnridge Drive
Scotch Plains NJ 07076
Phone: (908) 285-9078

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